What is “The manuscript?”…

This is the story of a book.


Not my book. It’s Auntie Pat’s book.


The book’s already written.  So the hard work is done. All I have to do is get it published. It will be a bit of learning curve, but here goes!

So where did this book publishing idea start?  Well various of Auntie Pat’s nephews and nieces stayed in touch with her over the years.  But the book only really came to light on 12th March 2016. That’s the day Auntie Pat died. And this note was among her belongings:

Where it all started

Which “files” is she referring to?  A box or two FULL of spiral bound note pads, A4 writing books, and ring binder files of loose leaf A4 pages.

At the heart of them, a 239-page handwritten manuscript.

In fact it’s one of three books, (or maybe four, it’s hard to work out) that Pat wrote.  But for now let’s stick with this one.

What’s the book about? Well here’s a non-spoiler alert – I won’t give away too much just yet.  But it’s a memoir, Pat’s very personal memoir, about life and love as an Army nurse in World War Two.

It begins in 1942.  In fact, thinking about it, the story really begins on 26th November 1919. The day Auntie Pat was born. 


And this is Auntie Pat.  So just to be clear, this blog is about my attempts to publish her book… the REAL story (when it eventually gets published) is about Pat.



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